Francophone Mobility Program Virtual Job Fair


Have you ever dreamt of working in Canada? Well now it's your chance. MDS Consulting is hosting a virtual job fair where you have the opportunity to meet potential employers. Be prepared and ready to impress!


Samara Afeltro

We are a high quality janitorial and building management company. Our philosophy is uniquely different from our competitors. We take good care of our staff, and our staff take good care of our clients.

Adnan Skeak

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We never compromise on quality! We use certified angus beef patties and source our ingredients locally when possible. Our burgers are unlike any other with our ‘Blaze Secret Sauce’ and special blend of seasoning and spices.

Messia Ditshimba

MDS Consulting is hosting its first Virtual Job fair for the Francophone Mobility Program. MDS Consulting is an immigration consulting and legal services firm providing expertise solutions to immigration issues and processes as well as legal services pertaining to services such as Family Court, Small Claims, Record Suspension and US Waivers.